3VFe V6



Preparation and Special Tools


Tune Up

Idle and or 2500 RPM CO HC Check

Compression Check

Timing Belt

Cylinder Head Components

Cylinder Block Components

Exhaust System

Service Specification

Emission Control Systems

Emission Control Systems Layout and Schematic Drawings

PCV System

EVAP Control System

EGR System

Pulsed Secondary Air Injection System (PAIR)

Three Way Catalytic Converter (TWC) System

Emission Control Systems Service Specifications

Multiport Fuel Injection (MFI) System Description

MFI Operation

MFI Preparation and Special Tools

MFI Diagnostics

MFI Troubleshooting

Fuel Pump

Cold Start

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Fuel Injector Removal

Fuel Tank

Volume Air Flow Meter (VAF)

Throttle Body

Electronic Parts Locations

EFI Main Relay

Circuit Opening Relay

Cold Start Injector Time Switch

Engine Coolant Temperature Switch (ECT)

Fuel Pressure Control System

EGR Gas Temperature Sensor (California and C&C)

Heated Oxygen Sensor

Engine Control Module (ECM)

Fuel Cut RPM

EFI Service Specifications

Cooling System Description

Cooling System Operation

Cooling System Preparation and Special Tools

 Coolant Check and Replacement

Water Pump Components



Cooling System Service Specifications

Lubrication System Description

Lubrication System Operation

Lubrication Preparation and Special Tools

Oil Pressure Check

Oil and Filter Replacement

Oil Pump

Oil Cooler

Lubrication System Service Specifications