Overtime Pay for Working at Home / on the Telephone Arbitration

When Members are called at home to do work, are they ‘on the clock’? Here’s another example of how Members’ generosity turns around and bites them in the ass.

For literally years, Member have been taking calls at home and dealing with issues to do with work. Mostly they were on standby at the time, but many times not. Some departments recognized this burden and paid the people appropriate overtime, but in departments where the calls were rare, usually, the people would just let it go as part of the job, in the spirit of give and take.

Today, the calls can get frequent. The level got to the point where the workers demanded overtime for the work. The employer refused, saying its part of the job. We of course disagreed and the matter eventually went to arbitrator Stephen Kelleher.

Please note that there was an error in the spelling of the grievor’s name. It was spelled “Beattie” in the arbitration award. It should have been “Beatty” . Sorry, Fred.

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