Termination of Mr. George Hemmings Arbitration

This arbitration was launched as the result of two grievances – One for excessive discipline and the second was a termination that cited the first discipline as part of the progression. Both were heard at the same time by Arbitrator Don Munroe and he rendered these decisions: View Document here

Overtime Calculation Arbitration

As a result of the first decision by Arbitrator McPhillips, questions arose about calculating overtime under certain circumstances, which were referred back to Mr. McPhillips for clarification. View Document here

Termination of Mr. Mark Watson

Mr. Watson was terminated after arriving late for work, although he had called the employer prior to the start time. The Employer took the view that this was a culminating incident and terminated for cause. View Document here


Lake City Control Room Overtime Arbitration

LCOC Control Room Lunch Period Overtime Arbitration (Sec. 104 Expedited Arbitration) Arbitrator Barbara Bluhman was appointed to chair the hearing. Under Section 104, only one arbitrator sits on the panel, there are no nominees. Presidentu00a0u00a0Bill Eastwood represented the Union and the GVRD appointed their legal counsel to speak for them. The GVRD maintained that the …

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